If you go down in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down in the woods today,
You'd better go in disguise.
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because,
Today's the day the teddybears have their picnic.

Picnic time for teddybears;
The little teddybears are having a lovely time today.
Watch them, catch them unawares,
As they picnic on their holiday.
See them gaily gad about.
They love to play and shout,
They never have any cares.
At six o'clock their mommies and daddies
Will take them home to bed,
Because they're tired little teddybears.

Every teddybear who's been good
Is sure of a treat today.
There's lots of marvelous things to eat
And wonderful games to play.
Beneath the trees, where nobody sees,
They'll hide-and-seek as long as they please.
'Cause that's the way the teddybears have their picnic.

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